PlayRX Program

Whether in a school gymnasium, city park, or recreation center - sports equipment that is in good working condition benefits players, fans, and communities alike. It has a nicer appearance and encourages better play - keeping everyone coming back for more!

Don't risk the safety and enjoyment of your players and fans by providing them with poorly-operating equipment. Fill out this quick checklist to rate the condition of your indoor and outdoor sporting goods equipment. Then easily calculate your PlayRX
™ score, and see if your facility is in need of new equipment.
Send GARED Customer Service your equipment report card and we will direct you to your local GARED dealer with a specialized recommendation to fit your budget and play environment. Additionally, GARED offers a program to send a certified equipment inspector to your facility for a complete review of your play environments. Email or fax 314-421-6014 with your form or to schedule a personalized visit.
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