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Get America Moving to Improve Health

GARED's Touchline Galactico soccer goals were ready for the competition at the fitness demo on Capitol Hill. After the demo concluded, the goals were donated to the DC Chapter of the Boys and Girls Club of America, Additionally, GARED lobbied on Capitol Hill for the ... > read more

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Bleacher Buying Information and FAQs

The purpose of this guide is to help you understand common bleacher terms to help you make an informed decision regarding your bleacher purchase. The owner is responsible for compliance with local building and safety codes.  ... > read more

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Home Basketball System Buying & Maintenance Guide

As the weather is starting to get warmer, now is a great time to start thinking about a basketball system for your home! But with so many options available in the marketplace, just how do you choose? Let’s talk about the different features of these systems offered by... > read more

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Winterizing Outdoor Sports Equipment

As the weather starts to get colder for most of the country, many people are moving their sports activities to indoor locations. As a result, schools, parks, and outdoor recreational facilities may sometimes neglect their outdoor sports equipment during the winter se... > read more

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Giving the Gift of Health

The importance of being active and healthy in today’s world is more important than ever. Research has shown that inactivity and obesity, especially among children, have become a global pandemic over the last 20 years, and many are calling it the greatest threat to ou... > read more

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Designing an Indoor Basketball Court

Designing an indoor basketball court can be a daunting challenge for any facility, regardless if it an existing facility or newly built. Your goal is to determine the most functional layout for your particular space, while at the same time providing equipment that fi... > read more