How Can Schools Safely Seat Groups of Students?

tip n roll bleacher

How Can Schools Safely Seat Groups of Students?


As many schools across the country prepare to reopen for in-person learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, school districts are being faced with the unprecedented challenges of keeping students socially distant from each other. Hybrid schedules, increased virtual learning, reduced class sizes, and even outdoor classrooms are just some of the creative solutions that administrators are implementing in order to prevent further spread of the virus.

So how can schools effectively space out student seating at multiple locations on a school campus without adding to already reduced budgets? GARED has a solution with its complete line of tip ‘n roll bleachers. Tip ‘n rolls have long been a popular seating choice for sports fields and gymnasiums because facility personnel can easily tip them up on their wheeled side and roll them to another location. Now administrators can use these bleachers as versatile alternatives to traditional seating in order to seat multiple groups of students but still keep them 6’ apart as much as possible, per CDC guidelines. Furthermore, the portability of these bleachers allows schools with budget constraints to purchase a limited number of units to use for multiple events and locations. Spaced bleacher seating is a safe and cost-effective option for auxiliary seating requirements, indoor and outdoor sporting events, outdoor classrooms, cafeterias, and P.E. classes, to name a few.

GARED offers tip ‘n roll bleachers in 2-row and 3-row configurations, from 8’ to 21’ in length; however only the 3-row models are large enough to allow students to be properly spaced out. See the chart below which illustrates the normal bleacher seating capacity versus the spaced out capacity.

Number of Rows


Normal Capacity

Spaced Capacity

3 rows

8 feet

15 people

5 people

3 rows

15 feet

30 people

8 people

3 rows

21 feet

42 people

11 people



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