Hoopmaster LT Portable Basketball Backstop

Hoopmaster LT Portable Basketball Backstop

UPC: 842299106311

Product Number: 9305

Lead Time 4 Weeks
Warranty 10 Years on Backstop and Lift Mechanism
Product Unit EACH

Hoopmaster LT Portable Basketball Backstop

Product Number: 9305

UPC: 842299106311

Product Description

The 9305 Hoopmaster® LT is ideal for side courts, outdoor competition, and intramural play. Features a spring-loaded, easy lift and set tension system with 5' 6" boom. The base is fully covered in vinyl padding for player safety and can be decorated to promote team and sponsor marketing.
  • Recommended Play Level:  NFHS, NAIA, AAU, NRSA, Youth, Recreation
  • Unique telescopic brace allows for preset heights of 8', 9', and 10'
  • 5' 6" boom extension between base of the unit and the rim
  • Complete system includes BB72G50 board, 2000 rim, and PMCE bolt-on board padding
  • Includes anchor system and 600 lbs ballast weight concealed in the base

Additional Info

The traditional style of the GARED Hoopmaster® LT offers more features and structural strengths than any similar size basketball portable backstop available on the market. A unique tension spring mechanism allows for effortless lifting and lowering of the unit. Adjustable at 8’, 9’ and 10’ heights, the portable unit comes with an official size (42” x 72”) shatter proof glass backboard, our original PRO-MOLD® backboard padding, and a positive lock breakaway goal. The base is fully padded on three sides with vinyl covered high density polyurethane foam. An anchoring system is included with the unit. Includes a 10 year Limited Warranty on all parts, Lifetime Limited Warranty on backboard included with the unit, 10 year Limited Warranty on PRO-MOLD® pads and 4 year on breakaway goal. Please note: Outdoor use and storage of the Hoopmaster® LT voids warranty •  Outdoor use requires galvanized upcharge finishing. 

Hoopmaster® LT Features: 

BACKBOARD: Model BB72G50 official size 42” x 72”, 1/2” tempered glass backboard with a welded reinforced powdercoated steel frame. 60” glass and acrylic boards available upon request. 

GOAL:  2000+ Collegiate breakaway goal

PADDING: Durable GARED PRO-MOLD® backboard edge padding comes in a wide variety of colors. Standard color for system padding is royal blue; other standard colors are available at no additional cost. Custom logos for the front and side pads are available at an additional cost. 

BALLAST: 600 lbs of enclosed ballast concealed in the base of the unit, welded closed. 

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Unique telescoping brace allows for preset heights of 8’, 9’ and 10’. 

FLOOR ANCHORING SYSTEM: Anchor system included. Optional inground anchor can be purchased separately, please specify floor type. 

FINISH: The unit is powdercoated white. Other colors are available at additional cost. 

TRANSPORT & STORAGE:  Folds easily for compact storage with single non-marking polyurethane casters for easy transport. Cannot be stored outside. Outside play and storage voids warranty. 

Additional Specifications

Registration Number 3330761
Product Color Varies
Product Material Steel
Product Finish Powdercoat
Country of Origin China
Product Play Level AAU, NAIA, NFHS, NIRSA, Recreation, Youth
Vertical Application Camp Recreation, Church Recreation, Community Recreation, Military, Primary Education

Shipping Info

Shipping Weight 1700.00 lbs / 771.11 kg
Shipping Dimensions (HxWxL)
44.00" x 45.00" x 121.00"
111.76cm x 114.30cm x 307.34cm

35.00" x 50.00" x 72.00"
88.90cm x 127.00cm x 182.88cm