Pro H Hydraulic Portable Basketball Backstop, 10' 8" Boom

Pro H Hydraulic Portable Basketball Backstop, 10' 8" Boom

UPC: 842299106281

Product Number: 5018

Product Weight 3085.00lbs / 1399.33kgs
Lead Time 12 Weeks
Warranty 10 Years on Backstop and Lift Mechanism
Product Unit EACH

Pro H Hydraulic Portable Basketball Backstop, 10' 8" Boom

Product Number: 5018

UPC: 842299106281

Product Description

The GARED Pro is the first pro-styled basketball portable backstop designed to provide an exceptional experience for athletes and spectators alike. The 5016 features a hydraulic powered 8' boom and provides backboard stability with a direct goal attachment. The base is fully covered with vinyl padding for player safety and can be decorated to promote team and sponsor marketing. While many try to duplicate our portable backstop, the only choice to stand up to dunk competitions is the GARED Pro H.
  • Recommended Play Level: NBA, IBL, FIBA, NCAA, IOC
  • State-of-the-art hydraulic operation allows for easy raising and lowering of unit
  • 10' 8" boom extension provides maximum clearance between the base of the unit and the rim
  • Complete system includes regulation LXP4200 board, 3500 rim, and PMCE bolt-on board padding
  • Includes floor anchors and 1000 lbs ballast weight concealed in the base

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Additional Info

The GARED PRO H is the flagship portable of the GARED family of portable basketball backstops, and is by far the best competition basketball backstop in the industry. Uniquely engineered, it has been the portable of choice of many professional teams and colleges throughout the world. Tapered laser-cut trapezoidal extension arm and mast provide ultimate backboard stability, meeting the most demanding requirements for professional competition play. The unit is raised and lowered with a state-of-art electric-hydraulic system designed to be totally reliable and trouble free. Available in 8’ and 10’ 8” boom extensions, the GARED PRO H comes equipped with an official size (42” x 72”) shatter proof glass backboard, our original PRO-MOLD® backboard padding, and a positive lock breakaway goal. The base is fully padded on three sides with vinyl covered 2” thick high density polyurethane foam. The front upright is similarly padded to a height of 7’ with 2” thick foam. Meets NCAA, NAIA, NFHS and NBA main court specifications and is approved by FIBA for high level international competition. Boom pad and floor anchoring system are included with the unit. Shot clock supports are sold separately. Full weight with ballast is 3100 lbs (1406 kgs). 10 year Limited Warranty on all parts, Lifetime Limited Warranty on backboard included with the unit, 5 year Limited Warranty on PRO-MOLD® pads and 4 year on breakaway goal. 

GARED PRO H Features:

BACKBOARD: Model LXP4200 - Official size 42” x 72” shatter-proof rectangular glass backboard with a welded and reinforced steel frame. 1/2” tempered glass with fired in target and border for maximum durability. #2137 LED perimeter lights are sold separately. 

GOAL: Models 3500 and 3500I Master positive lock breakaway goals come standard with these units for the domestic and international markets respectively. Model 3500I Master meets all FIBA standards. Other breakaway goals are optional and available upon request. 

PADDING: Durable GARED PRO-MOLD® backboard edge padding comes in a wide variety of colors. Standard color for system padding is royal blue; other standard colors are available at no additional cost. Custom logos for the front and side pads are available at an additional cost. 

BALLAST: 1000 lbs (455 kgs) of enclosed ballast concealed in the base of the unit, welded closed. 

ELECTRIC-HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: Automatically controls folding and lifting of the unit with the turn of a key. Available for domestic and international power supply. 

FLOOR ANCHORING SYSTEM: Floor anchors and locater pins are included as standard. Specify floor type. FINISH: The unit is powdercoated white. Other colors are available at additional cost. 

SHOT CLOCK & CAMERA SUPPORTS: Available at a nominal cost. Specify shot clock type.

TRANSPORT & STORAGE: Folds easily for compact storage with two 6” front and two 10” rear wide non-marking polyurethane casters for easy transport.


Additional Specifications

Product Color Varies
Product Material Steel
Product Finish Powdercoat
Country of Origin United States
Product Play Level FIBA, IBL, IOC, NBA, NCAA
Vertical Application Pay for Play Recreation, Professional Sport, University Education

Shipping Info

Shipping Weight 3200.00 lbs / 1451.49 kg
Shipping Dimensions (HxWxL)
82.00" x 42.00" x 148.00"
208.28cm x 106.68cm x 375.92cm

15.00" x 48.00" x 96.00"
38.10cm x 121.92cm x 243.84cm
Shipping Method Dedicated Truck