Quick Connect™ Cart

Quick Connect™ Cart


Product Number: 9800

Product Weight 375.00lbs / 170.10kgs
Product Unit EACH

Quick Connect™ Cart

Product Number: 9800


Product Description

The Quick Connect™ Cart allows the user to remove and install a backboard and goal in less than three minutes, a task that may typically take in excess of 30 minutes. The cart is a great tool for emergency replacement and normal maintenance of portable basketball backstops, reducing the down time caused by the replacement of either a defective backboard or goal.

Additional Info

Steps To Remove And Replace (Re-Install) A Backboard & Goal Using The GARED® Quick Connect ™ System. (this process takes approximately three minutes)

1. Lower and secure portable boom to rest position

2. Wheel quick connect™ cart in front & under backboard

3. Raise backboard until it sits on quick connect™ cart

4. Disconnect upper braces from backboard

5. Rotate braces out of the way

6. Disconnect & remove holding pins from mounting plates

7. Raise cart until backboard comes off hinges

8. Lean backboard forward until it sits securely on cart

9. Wheel cart to storage

To install a backboard and goal with the GARED® Quick Connect™ System, simply reverse steps 1-9.

The Quick Connect™ mounting plates are factory installed and must be purchased with the portable units. The cart can be purchased at any time, but for best results we recommend that they are purchased together. One Quick Connect™ Cart can service multiple portable basketball backstops.

Additional Specifications

Patent Number 7967705, 7794342
Product Color White
Product Material Steel
Product Finish Powdercoat
Country of Origin United States

Shipping Info

Shipping Method Truck