Single Post Rear-Braced Rear-Folding Ceiling Hung Basketball Backstop

Single Post Rear-Braced Rear-Folding Ceiling Hung Basketball Backstop

UPC: 842299103471

Product Number: 3105

Lead Time 6-8 Weeks
Warranty 25 Years
Product Unit EACH

Single Post Rear-Braced Rear-Folding Ceiling Hung Basketball Backstop

Product Number: 3105

UPC: 842299103471

Product Description

Customized to a facility building design, the ceiling hung backstop features direct goal attachment for optimal backboard strength and performance. Approved for competition play, the 3105 steel welded structure provides maximum clearance for facilities with ceilings heights between 18' and 31' with rear court storage.
  • Straight post rear-braced rear-folding unit for facilites with minimum clearance over the court
  • Fully welded frame for ceiling heights up to 32'

Additional Info

Model 3105 Single Post Ceiling Hung Basketball Backstop is rear-folding and rear-braced. It is a great choice for those facilities with clearance issues over the court that will not allow a front fold design, yet offers adequate space behind the backstop to allow rear folding for storage. 

Tested Structural Design Strengths: All single post backstops have been tested and approved by FIBA meeting the requirements of stability and safety. Contract No. NP36-2007. 

Seismic Testing: All our equipment and hardware designs have been approved by the state of California for meeting and/or exceeding all seismic testing requirements. 

Overhead Design Hardware: Clean overhead designs are built to accommodate many building conditions, while providing the strength to handle the load of the equipment and the stress caused by years of competitive use.

Adjustable Mast Hanger: Engineered hangers designed for strength and safety at critical attachment points, provide unequaled performance and reliability.

Channel Support: 4” structural steel top spreader supports our welded frames design allowing the weight of the backstop to assist with the locking of the brace.

Offset Design: Our vertical support mast has an offset design allowing the weight of the backstop to assist with the locking of the brace.

Fully Welded Frame: All single post designs less than 31’ incorporate a 6 5/8”diameter vertical support mast with fully welded frame for maximum rigidity.The mast is stabilized by rectangular tube side sway braces welded to the support channel and the mast. The sways are precision cut to match up perfectly to the vertical mast and horizontal top channel.

Direct Goal Attachment: All designs incorporate a direct goal mount feature to distribute all stress or load on the goal directly to the vertical support mast. Basketball backstops utilizing this feature are backed by a lifetime backboard warranty.

Powder Coat Finish: Extremely durable baked on finish for an attractive clean appearance. Black and white are standard. Optional colors: Forest Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Royal Blue, and Grey.

Additional Specifications

Brand PSS
Product Color Varies
Product Material Steel
Product Finish Powdercoat
Country of Origin United States
Product Play Level AAU, FIBA, NAIA, NCAA, NFHS

Shipping Info

Shipping Method Truck