Arizona Sports Complex

Arizona Sports Complex

Phoenix, AZ, United States

Norcon Industries

Project Details

Arizona Sports Complex is a family and team-oriented multi-purpose facility, dedicated to improving players skills in competitive sports, teaching the value of good sportsmanship, and adopting positive lifetime behaviors by providing superior services, quality programs, premium facilities, and a dedicated staff.

Project Specifications

Facility Arizona Sports Complex

425 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85024
United States

Facility Type Recreation Facility
Play Level Youth, Recreation
Dealer Norcon Industries
Vertical Market Community Recreation
  • Spectator 15' Portable Bench with Back
  • Spectator Tip n' Roll 15' Bleacher, 3 Row
  • GO COURT® Jr One-Court Portable Volleyball System
  • Hoopmaster C72 Recreational Portable Basketball Backstop