Lafitte Greenway Park

Lafitte Greenway Park

New Orleans, LA, United States

Project Details

In November 2017, New Orleans’ Lafitte Greenway was selected as the National Recreation and Park Association’s 2017 Parks Build Community Project. The project will be a collaboration between the NRPA and The New Orleans Recreation and Development Commission.

The renovations of the Lafitte Parkway are expected was completed by Sept 24, 2017.

NORDC’s CEO Victor N. Richard III and its Chief of Staff Karla Rivera advocated for the Lafitte Greenway to be selected as 2017 Park Build Community Project, according to Gina Mullins-Cohen, Vice President of Marketing, Communications, and Publications of the NRPA.

“We always look for parks that have the most impact on communities, and we felt the Lafitte Greenway would do that best,” Mullins-Cohen said.

According to its November press release, The NRPA and its several donors will supply a community gathering space, basketball court, an all-age playground and a splashpad. Additionally, donors contributed bike racks, benches, trashcans and lighting.

Once the park has been completed, the NORDC will be responsible for the park’s upkeep.

Mullins Cohen said that the NRPA’s Park Build Community Project builds park to help underserved areas of the city, promoting health and wellness, conservation and social equity through green spaces.

Project Specifications

Facility Lafitte Greenway Park

2200 Lafitte Ave
New Orleans, LA 70119
United States

Play Level Recreation
Install Date Sep 01, 2017
Vertical Market Park, Landscape Planning
  • Spectator Stationary 21' Bleacher, 3 Row