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Tips for Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Gym Equipment

As many schools and other public facilities across the country are preparing to open back up and resume sports and recreational activities, it's critical that facility operators ensure that all their sports equipment is cleaned and disinfected prior to reopening (and... > read more

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PlayRX Safety Clinic: Gym Equipment Maintenance

It’s important to routinely inspect all of your sports equipment to assess its condition and repair promptly if needed. Regular maintenance will save you money in the long run by preventing expensive repairs or replacements down the line and will extend the lifespan ... > read more

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Gared Update Regarding the Coronavirus

During the coronavirus pandemic, we are implementing comprehensive plans to protect our team members and customers, in conjunction with following the guidance of federal, state, and local authorities. ... > read more

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GARED Names Pat Farrell Park & Recreation Sales Manager

GARED announced today that it has hired Patrick Farrell as its new Park & Recreation Sales Manager. ... > read more

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Selecting Basketball Equipment: RIMS

Although it is one of the easiest and least expensive components of your basketball system to replace, the rim (also known as a goal) plays an important part in determining the level of play on your basketballs system. ... > read more

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Selecting Basketball Equipment: BACKBOARDS

Basketball backboards have come a long way from the wood boards originally used for the game at the turn of the century. Now facilities and consumers have a wider variety than ever before of materials and sizes to choose from in the marketplace, depending on budget, ... > read more