Transition to Outdoor Play with Versatile Equipment

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Transition to Outdoor Play with Versatile Equipment

Schools and other sports facilities today are facing the challenges of keeping students and athletes safe from the spread of the COVID-19 virus, while at the same time keeping their athletic programs running on schedule as much as possible. One solution is to transition traditional indoor sports and activities to outdoor spaces. Numerous options are available in the marketplace for versatile equipment that maximizes portability while minimizing transport and set up time for facility personnel.

Move Portable Goals Outside

Basketball can be played outdoors with a number of different equipment configurations. Portable systems on wheels can be easily rolled from a gymnasium onto an outdoor court or asphalt parking lot. In addition, portable systems designed for travelling tournament use may include extra features such as no-sleeve installation, stabilization poles to withstand heavy dunking, and forklift slots in the base for ease of transport. Before making the transition to outdoor, facilities will need to ensure that they have proper accessibility to the outdoor play area, as well as adequate storage space during inclement weather and off-season months. In addition, manufacturer warranties should always be checked to make sure the portable system is warranted for outdoor use.

Upgrade Inground Systems

Inground basketball systems have long been popular for recreational use at playgrounds and parks, but now there are endless inground equipment options that can provide a competition play environment in an outdoor setting. Many full size official glass backboards and competition breakaway rims can be mounted on several types of outdoor posts, including goosenecks and adjustable posts. In addition, most adjustable outdoor systems can easily bring the backboard down from the standard 10’ height to a 7’ height to allow for youth play.

Choose Versatile Equipment

Volleyball is another sport that can be played outside in a variety of ways. While sand and grass courts are by far the most common for outdoor play, synthetic court surfaces can be used for volleyball just as they are used for outdoor basketball courts. Aluminum uprights used for most indoor systems will generally work well in outdoor settings due to their durability and resistance to rusting. And even more convenient are portable volleyball systems that can be wheeled outdoors as needed. However, volleyball posts and systems will need to be brought inside when not used, as moving parts such as winches and pulleys are more likely to rust when left outside.

Mobility is Key for Shared Fields

While field sports such as soccer and lacrosse have traditionally been played mostly outside, these sports may now be required to share a field as some schools transition other sports and activities to outdoor areas, making equipment mobility more important than before. Portable soccer goals are typically offered with optional wheel kits to allow for easy transport on and off the field. And when both soccer and football must share a field, consider equipment options such as an 8’ offset football goalpost that can fit a soccer goal underneath it, or a combination soccer/football goalpost that can be used for both sports. Field seating also needs to be considered, especially for temporary events and multi-use fields. Portable player benches and tip ‘n roll bleachers can easily be moved from a gym to an outdoor field, and transportable bleachers allow for easy towing to multiple locations. 

Activate, Elevate, Celebrate!

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